Brief History

Hasty Power Construction Company (one of the best construction company in Myanmar) was first established as a small construction group in 2004 by enthusiastic and energetic engineers aiming to serve its customers with outstanding services. At the very early years, the group had to struggle in this competitive world with its limited human and financial resources. Most of the business activities at that time were construction of residential buildings, general renovation and maintenance work at several garment factories.

The Company experienced consistent growth since 2007 by means of capacity building its internal and external resources. The Heavy Equipment department was emerged in order to emphasize and facilitate the customer requirement. It undertook several earthworks projects around the country.

The Company also worked together with the Thai technicians and involved in several piling projects which include Jetty, Irrigation weirs, Sluice Gate and Housing project construction.

In order to provide a one stop solution and service to the client, the Company created a new branch to take care of Mechanical and Electrical engineering related works in 2009. With the workforce of having international experience, the company is carrying out design and installation of Electrical Power Distribution system, Plumbing and Sanitary system, Air-conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation system, Security and Communication system and Disaster prevention system like Fire Alarm, Fire Fighting etc.

Now, the Company offers a range of engineering and contracting services that include engineering design, estimation and construction of residential and commercial buildings, interior decoration and general renovation, Infrastructure roadwork and earthwork, M & E design and installation and rental of heavy equipment and machinery.